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Besides Dublin, Westport is also a city chock-full of beautiful girls, flooding the Temple Bar area with bars and music centres. If you are planning to travel and you are used to the noisy and crowded city, you will get surprised at the locals lifestyle.

Ireland is a country filled with wildlife that thrives in the middle of busy and fun cities. In Westport, people love trekking, biking, but also drinking beer and going clubbing.

When we think of Ireland, the first thought that pops into our head is a country surrounded by forests, wildlife, beer, and nothing more than that. Cities like Westport show that Ireland has much more to offer with its gastronomy, forms of entertainment, and culture that are unique in Europe.

In Ireland, clubs are everywhere, even in small towns, big cities and mountains you can find a club. Some places are open all day long, and people go there to drink beer and enjoy nights. The number of beer brands is enormous. Some people claim that the Irish drink more beer than Czechs do. It’s truly amazing.

Besides beer, the vegan and vegetarian culture have spread in Westport Ireland. There are currently many restaurants of this kind in Westport and the entire country.

Westport is a family-focused destination where people can go horse-riding, fishing, do looped walks, and go to the beach, among other things. You decide whether to stay cool or warm outdoors.

In Westport, many people go surfing, snorkelling, and go to restaurants after that for a traditional treat. Quite a great experience!

We created JJ O’Malleys to show the wealth of tourist attractions and restaurants in Westport and Ireland. It all began when some of my friends and I were cycling around Westport, and saw that Westport was culturally rich and beautiful.

In general, our magazine was essentially created to show many aspects of the Irish culture, like the restaurants, pubs, live entertainment scene, and our tasteful gastronomy.