Ireland’s 7 Best Dishes Everyone Should Try Once

It doesn’t matter if you go in spring or summer, Irish food will take you to another level. You probably would love to stay longer if you try the winter soups, the lamb in spring or the fresh fish in summer.

Ireland is one of the countries in the world considered to have the tastiest foods. Here’s a selection of popular foods we found to show you Irish cuisine.

Colcannon and champ

Something curious to know is that potatoes are the staple food for the Irish, as this vegetable took the family table since the 16th century. Nowadays, they prepare many foods with potatoes.

We recommend the colcannon. It is a simple and basic recipe with mashed potatoes, butter or cream, kale and cabbage, onion and other ingredients. Some of them are prepared with champ as an extra ingredient.


If you want to taste the shellfish in Ireland, you must go during summer. For example, September is a good month, as they celebrate the Galway Oyster Festival.

Soda bread

This is indispensable in the Irish family menu.  They have different ways to cook soda bread. Some people add a sweet taste of honey and other ingredients like fruits on top of the bread.

Other ways to prepare it is with oats, seeds or bran to make it healthy. However, there is only one ingredient that doesn’t change in the traditional recipe, the buttermilk.


Barmbrack is a fruity bread for those who love to eat something delicious in the afternoon paired with whiskey or black tea. Butter is an extra ingredient to accompany the bread.


Continuing with potatoes, Boxty is considered a potato-based pancake or a dumpling with many ingredients. It is important to highlight that its name comes from the Irish phrase ¨ara n bocht ti¨ that means poorhouse bread. Once they boil it with butter, it is baked in the oven.

The Ulster Fry

Of course, they have a traditional breakfast and it’s very substantial and delicious. The Ulster Fry is comprised of egg, sausage, bacon, potato bread, and mushrooms. This is one of the top foods in the country. Locals and tourists love it because of the variety of ingredients the dish brings.

Irish stew

This is the most traditional dish on the tables of Irish people. This stew is cooked with meat, potatoes, onions, bacon, and other ingredients to make it delicious. You can also add carrots and a knob of roux.

As you can see Irish food is a combination of culture, tradition, simplicity, and lots of potatoes. These recipes are very simple to prepare and share with family and friends, and why not? It’s better if you take an aeroplane to Ireland to enjoy this amazing country and its gastronomy.