5 Best Ireland-Based Restaurants to Enjoy a Lucky Meal

If you are going to spend a few days in this beautiful country, this guide will be useful for you, because innovation and the best ingredients make the perfect formula for you to choose the restaurants that we mention below.

Patrick Guilbaud

This place that bears the same name as its owner who for more than 35 years has directed it, combines classic French cuisine with modern techniques in a luxurious environment.


It has a relaxed and elegant atmosphere combined with contemporary art, with intelligent technology in its cabins and modern classic kitchen. If we talk about the location, the restaurant is hidden near the arches of the railway far from the city centre.

Wild Honey Inn

This place may not look like a Pub as it began as a hotel in 1860. However, the atmosphere is very warm and attracts harmony. Its food menu changes weekly offering a classic French base.


Attended by its owners, this restaurant offers a sweet and intimate atmosphere with an elegant and at the same time relaxed style. There you can get dishes with pure and natural flavours made with regional products.

Lady Helen

This restaurant is known for serving modern, ambitious and visually stunning dishes. Each meal is prepared with ingredients that come from the farm, the county and the coast, which allows visitors to try fresh food.

Lady Helen is located inside an impressive Georgian house and has luxurious and cosy spaces.

Each of these places is the perfect opportunity to take photos or simply play at casino platinum play while waiting for your delicious dish.