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JJ O’Malleys is an online magazine focused on the Irish gastronomy and live entertainment scene, especially in Westport city. We are a group of writers, editors, designers, and developers that work every single day to provide quality information about Westport’s gastronomy and lifestyle.

We offer articles and general information on restaurants, bars, pubs, theatres and parks in Westport and Ireland.

Sometimes, we make changes or add certain elements and we need our subscribers to be aware of them. So far, we don’t require a registration fee, but we have the subscription option through which we keep our subscribers abreast of everything we post.

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We work in partnership with some restaurants and pubs located in Westport, and our partners send us a lot of promotions. To reward our subscribers, we give these promotions to those who continuously read our publications. In case you win, we will send you a notification with detailed information.